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Keeping your child Safe


Keeping your child safe in the 21st Century can be a daunting and never ending task.  We have a range of 'factsheets' that are designed to support you as a parent to spot any signs of concern but more importantly, know how to tackle and support your child, should a situation that may arise.

The staff at St Francis are always on hand to offer support and information...

The documents below provide parents with a factsheet about a range of safeguarding topics.  Click the links below view the document:

  • Cyberflashing parent factsheet

  • Fake news parent factsheet

  • Fortnite parent factsheet

  • Instagram parent factsheet

  • Loot boxes & skins betting parent factsheet

  • Minecraft parent factsheet

  • Roblox parent factsheet

  • Snapchat parent factsheet

  • Squid game parent factsheet

  • TikTok parent factsheet

  • Twitch parent factsheet

  • WhatsApp parent factsheet

  • YouTube  parent factsheet

  • YouTube Kids parent factsheet