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St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley

Together in truth and faith we learn and grow as God's family.


Every day we take part in worship across the school - this can be either class, whole school or key stage. We enjoy celebrating together as much as possible.


'When we pray our wishes go up to God.'        'We learn how we can be like Jesus in our daily lives.'    'We all get a chance to be part of worship.'     'It is a time to be respectful and quiet.'     'Our prayer monitors get the table ready for worship.'     'We feel God's love.'       'It helps me to be a better person.'        'It is a time to be calm.'   'Worship helps me to follow Jesus because it tells me the good things to do.'         'It helps me to be a better Christian by teaching me how to be like Jesus.'    'I feel closer to God.'

We celebrate Mass together in school at least once a term with our school community and parishioners. These are sometimes led by the Mini Vinnies and Chaplaincy Team.


We celebrate Holy day Masses when these occur during term time.



Understanding the Mass

Each year, Year 2 and 6 visit Father Galvin to ask him questions about The Mass, to deepen their understanding. This year, altar servers in Year 6 spoke to the Year 2 children about Mass, their roles and answered their questions.



 Leavers' Mass

Stations of the Cross

Marian Assembly


St Francis Day


Buddy Assembly