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St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley

Together in truth and faith we learn and grow as God's family.

School Council 


Each and every one of our School Council members are ready and looking forward to spreading smiles and assisting in the running of our school, extending this into our wider school community.

School Council Representatives for 2021-22 

Following our class-led elections, the representatives this year are as follows: 

Chair Person: Neve Gacquin 

Vice-Chair Person: Poppy Robertshaw & Jaiden Lund

Secretary: Peggy Renshaw

Treasurer: Rachel Cliff

Publicity: Jonah Handford

Year 5 representatives: George Scruton & Sean Royle-Evett

Year 4 representatives: Sophie Partington & Hugh McNicholas 

Year 3 representatives: Florence Taylor & Finn Banks

Year 2 representatives: Penelope Nichol-Burdon & William Jordan 


I am looking forward to seeing the School Council members share their thoughts and ideas  during our School Council meetings. 

Mrs Craine 


School Council Meetings 

The children get together every month to discuss up coming events, ideas and any other school matters.


Year 6 School Council Meeting - June 2021

The year 6 school council representatives had the opportunity to decide how to spend a grant from Asda.  They all agreed that new outdoor equipment would be a good way to spend the money. They created a wish list and considered all different ages when choosing the different items for their wish list.


The year 6 representative said the following when asked what the impact of the new equipment would be:

'' The new toys will allow more children to be active and make more friends. '' Miah

'' We thought about buying new outdoor equipment because many children have been inside and not getting enough exercising recently. It will encourage the to make new friends and memories. '' Ava 

''With these toys the children at St Francis will make new friendships and memories together. '' Frazer 

'' We have chosen the outdoor activities because they will encourage the children to spend more time outdoors and with their friends. I think that children have spent lots of time inside during the past few months and this needs to change. '' Emily

''With the new toys at St Francis the children will have more fun when exercising and spend time with their friends. '' Stanley