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St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley

Together in truth and faith we learn and grow as God's family.

    Welcome to Nursery!


Welcome to Nursery!

Our class teacher is Ms Foulkes and our teaching assistant is Mrs Humphreys.

Our Early Years aims to create an environment, which will meet the needs of each individual child, so that they can continue to build on their existing knowledge and experiences that you, as parents have already taught them. We will help the children to achieve their full potential in every possible respect, developing their thinking, their knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare them for life in our ever- changing world.

We aim to create a warm, happy, secure and inviting learning environment, which will help the children to feel comfortable, confident, and respectful of themselves and others, regardless of gender, race or culture. We want the children to have fun and to be happy, learn to become more independent – to think and do things for themselves by learning to make choices and to share and co-operate. We believe our environment will deliver effective learning where children will develop essential life-long skills, enthused and inspired to become autonomous and intuitive learners.

Every child over the age of three is entitled to 15 or 30 free hours of nursery care, which is provided by the government. Some children may be entitled to 30 free hours of nursery care. Follow the link provided to see if your child is entitled to the 30 free hours.


We offer a variety of different nursery sessions at St Francis Catholic Primary School. The sessions we have to offer are:

  • Morning session 8:45-11:45
  • Afternoon session 12:15-3:15
  • Full day 8:45-3:15

When children stay for the full day they do have the option of bringing a packed lunch or having a hot dinner at a small cost of £2.10. Our weekly lunch menu is also available on our website.

If you would like to meet our nursery teacher and have a look around our classroom please  arrange a visit by contacting our office staff by either telephone or email.

During each session children are provided with a healthy snack from carrots and tomatoes to pears and bananas and are provided with free milk to access independently throughout the session.

We like to have a warm, friendly and lively classroom environment which promotes exciting and enthusiastic independent learners where both the outdoor and indoor activities give the children their best chance of accessing the full foundation stage curriculum and allow them to reach their full potential. We aim to build children who are confident, thoughtful and independent, which is an essential part of each child's learning journey. 

Whether it is a morning, afternoon or a full day session, children have the opportunity to explore all areas of the classroom freely, as learning through play and socialising with their peers supports their learning. Our areas include a role play area, literacy and maths, reading, small world, construction, carpet, pencil control, funky fingers and a messy/creative area. Children have access to a range of malleable materials; water, play dough, ice, sand, pasta and paint, foam/etc.

We also have access to a huge outdoor area where children are encouraged to use our physical equipment (bikes/scooters/cars) and balancing equipment. We take our learning outdoors whatever the weather and we encourage appropriate clothing come rain or shine!  We think outdoor learning is fun!  Our teachers plan provision carefully to cater for our learning needs!

We enjoy celebrating our faith in God through songs, prayers and collective worship. We carry out a morning prayer, before and after dinner prayer and an evening prayer all of which are done through song. We carry out small collective worship sessions daily which are supported by exciting RE sessions. We recognise that all of our our children are unique, individual and special and we will allow every opportunity for our Nursery children to showcase their many talents.

Nursery Home Challenges are sent home every Friday via Tapestry and families are encouraged to participate in these.    We recognise the important part parents play in building on skills learned in Nursery.  Tapestry is our home-school communication link and we really do value parental input.  We also have our own library 'book swap' and can change these weekly usually on a Wednesday. 

We have an open door policy in Nursery and we welcome parent questions, queries and communication at a mutually convenient time.  Please do not hesitate to speak to any of our team.


We have settled in very well this year and have been learning lots so far! 


SIF - Nursery Admission Form.

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Phase 2 Phonics - 'P' Lesson 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6--CAGCUzJk                                       

Phase 2 Phonics - 'I' Lesson 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdTMYjHXNqI                                                      

Phase 2 Phonics - 'N' Lesson 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVOaoQIwLMo

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