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Physical Education

Physical Education is a foundation curriculum subject at St Francis Primary School.

"It is really important that we promote competitive support in schools. It is very important that we recognise that has to be underpinned by good quality physical education and by getting people into patterns of exercise." Sebastian Coe


St Francis Catholic Primary School believes that Physical Education (PE), experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is essential to ensure children attain optimum physical and emotional development and good health. We intend to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all children to succeed in physical education and in developing life skills. We want to teach children skills to keep them safe such as being able to swim. 

We also want to teach children how to cooperate and collaborate with others as part of an effective team, understanding fairness and equity of play to embed life-long values. Our curriculum aims to improve the wellbeing and fitness of all children at St Francis Catholic, not only through the sporting skills taught, but through the underpinning values and disciplines PE promotes. 

By placing PE and sport at the heart of a broad and balanced curriculum we aim to build self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills enabling each child to be the best they can be by:

  • Improving health and well-being
  • Providing high quality opportunities and outcomes
  • Promoting lifelong learning, active participation and competition
  • Raising achievement and supporting excellence
  • Having the emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE and sport



Curriculum PE

Physical Education is a foundation curriculum subject at St Francis Primary School and lessons take place twice weekly.

  • PE at St Francis Catholic Primary School provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities including; invasion games, net & wall games, strike and field games, gymnastics, dance, swimming and outdoor & adventure.
  • The long term plan sets out the PE units which are to be taught throughout the year and ensures that the requirements of the National Curriculum are fully met.
  • We follow a scheme of work from ACES Education. Their specifically designed units of work meet the needs of each child and influences whole school improvement. This specialist teaching company also provide lessons for 2 classes each week on a Friday afternoon.
  • Additionally, Total Dance provide weekly PE lessons for 2 classes.
  • Pupils participate in two high quality PE lessons each week, covering two sporting disciplines every half term. In addition, children are encouraged to participate in the varied range of extra-curricular activities. Lunch time sports clubs and after school sport clubs are available at least once a week, although Covid 19 restrictions have prevented this from taking place recently.
  • Children are invited to attend competitive sporting events within the local area. This is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also mental well-being. These events also develop teamwork and leadership skills and are very much enjoyed by the children.
  • Each year a small group of Year 5 children are invited to become Sports Leaders for the school. They develop into sporting role models for the younger children, assisting with lunch-time clubs and other Sporting activities.
  • Children in Year 4 attend weekly swimming lessons throughout the year. They are joined by any Year 5 children who have not achieved the 25 metre swimming standard.


PE long term plan

PE Policy

Physical Activity Policy

National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Physical Education


PE Funding

From 2013, the government has provided additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and is allocated to primary school headteachers.

This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.


This means that schools should use the premium to:

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that the school already offers
  • make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

How to use the PE and sport premium

The current budget is a working document which across the school year is amended and added to when necessary. Our budget is £17,800 for this year and impact reports and proposed funding allocation can be found on our sports premium page.

 All monies spent are regularly reviewed by the PE Leader and the Head teacher. This ensures that the Sport Premium is directly impacting on the physical education provision and quality of sport, teaching and learning at St Francis Primary School. Below you will find documents which show the amount of money we receive and how this money has been spent. Below you will also find information on the impact of the funding.


Impact of PE Funding 2020-2021

Impact of Funding 2019-2020

PE Funding 2019 - 2020

Useful Links

Please visit this useful website to find out about competitions and events we may attend as a school. There is also other useful information about extra curricular sport and PE.

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