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Design and Technology


Design and Technology is a connective subject at St Francis Primary School.

At St Francis Catholic Primary School, we intend to create a design & technology curriculum with appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum Design & Technology Programmes of study. We will fulfill the duties of the NC by providing a balanced curriculum that works on enhancing children’s creativity through designing and making. Children at St Francis will be involved in different design and technology projects, from designing and making prototypes for a range of users, to learning how to cook. All children are taught to critique and evaluate their own work every step of the way. Through this meaningful design & technology curriculum, the children are given the opportunity to build a set of useful skills vital for experiences in later life.



Our D & T curriculum is a connective subject at St Francis Primary School. Each year group takes part in one Design and Technology topic twice per term and one of these topics is food related. This may be linked with other subjects or also have a design focus. Cooking is enhanced through other special themed weeks like Savoury Food Fortnight.



Design and Technology Long Term Plan 

Food Long Term Plan




Year 6 Pumpkin Soup

Healthy Ice Lollies Year 2

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