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Pupil Premium


At St Francis Primary we have high aspirations and ambitions for all of our children and we believe that no child should be left behind. We strongly believe that it is not about where you come from but your passion and thirst for knowledge, and your dedication and commitment to learning that makes the difference between success and failure, and we are determined to ensure that all our children are given every chance to realise their full potential. We recognise that every child regardless of their background should have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares them for life in Britain today. 



The Pupil Premium Grant is a Government initiative which targets extra money to pupils from poorer backgrounds in order to 'close the gap' between richer and poorer children and those who have parents serving in the armed forces by improving academic performance. Schools that are awarded the funding by the government are given the freedom to spend the money the best they can to plan for and make provisions for their pupils. The impact of the Pupil Premium Grant is primarily measured through Ofsted results, pupil attainment and progress and the emotional and social outcomes of our children.

We are an inclusive school which works exceptionally hard to make sure all of our children achieve their potential through extending their knowledge and skills and providing them with a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum.  Our ‘Pupil Premium’ children, along with the rest, are very closely monitored to ensure they are making very good progress each year.  We also make sure that we document any extra provision (which is then linked to finance) they are receiving to help close any gaps they may have in their learning or development.   We adopt a plan, do, review cycle to ensure wave one teaching and interventions are having the required impact on each child’s progress.  Each class teacher produces a detailed provision mapping document which provides details about the barriers to learning and support provided for all targeted children.  These are regularly updated and  monitored by SLT. Our Pupil Premium children make progress and achieve well, leaving our school with the skills to cope with their next stage of their education.

 Pupil Premium Policy (2020-21)

St Francis Pupil Premium grant 2020-21: £33, 590 

Aims for 2020-21: 

  • Continue the effective small group and 1:1 tuition 
  • Continue to develop language and vocabulary skills across school and all subject areas
  • Further develop strategies to promote the social and emotional welfare of our vulnerable pupils:
  • RE and PSHE are placed at the centre of the recovery curriculum in order to facilitate relevant opportunities for discussion around COVID-19. 
  • Children to express their worries and concerns in private using a class worry box. To be monitored by teaching staff for the purposes of early intervention. 
  • A proud cloud in each classroom where children can write and celebrate their achievements and successes.  
  • To aid reconnection and catch-up through addressing the disadvantage gap:
  • Member of SLT designated as disadvantaged recovery champion.
  • Analysis of impact on disadvantaged children in comparison to non-disadvantaged. 
  • Targeted support identified for all disadvantaged pupils identified on provision mapping. Impact evaluated half termly. 
  • Initiate 1:1 and small group tuition as a catch-up strategy with targeted PP children, including pre-school boost sessions as well as Tutor/Teacher led small group session.
  • School club vouchers allocated to disadvantaged children if needed to aid reconnection in Autumn 1.
  • All PP children to receive targeted emotional intervention to focus on social and emotional needs if identified as needing support.
  • HT to track and monitor PP attendance daily and for wider provision, allowing SLT to monitor links to recovery and impact. 
  • To implement specific, research-based strategies and interventions in order to support curriculum reconnection and catch-up, including tutoring, and extended school days:
  • Intervention Leader  to hold recovery conversations with SLT and SENCO to evaluate impact of assessments and create a responsive plan of intent, implementation, and impact.
  • Speech and Language Catch up enhanced with additional assessment days for EYFS and key KS1,2 pupils. 


Pupil Premium Expenditure Reports 

Our Pupil premium money has been used to provide a range of targeted interventions across our school to eliminate the barriers to learning and progress. Our key objective in using the Pupil Premium Grant is to narrow the gaps between pupil groups.


Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2012-2013

Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2013-2014

Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2014-2015

Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2015-2016

Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2016-2017

Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2018-2019

Pupil Premium Expenditure report 2019-2020

Pupil Premium Governor Reports 

Our designated governing body lead is Mrs E Foley. 

Please find below annual governor monitoring reports:

Governor report December 2019

Governor report June 2018